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Duct Cleaning in Texas: Is It Ideal to Do It Yourself?

You have probably heard that clean air ducts help reduce the risk of dangerous pollutants and pathogens in the indoor air. Considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you may have even decided to do the duct cleaning yourself.

We understand that there are circumstances where you may not want to hire a professional for duct cleaning in Texas. Maybe you are watching your wallet or you’ve had some experience cleaning the ductwork in your home; you can try doing this yourself. 

But you’ll need to keep a few things in mind before you start your DIY duct cleaning project:

  • Be ready to uncover some gross stuff! If it’s been a while since your last duct cleaning, you are likely to uncover dirt, mold, dead insects, insects’ feces, etc. inside the ducts. 
  • Since you probably don’t have industrial-grade rotary brushes and vacuums at your disposal, you won’t achieve the same results that a professional company for duct cleaning in Texas can give you. 
  • If you find mold during the cleaning, you’ll need to call a professional to remove it. Handling mold can be dangerous; only an expert can remove it completely and safely from the ducts.  

Risks of Duct Cleaning

You should also be aware of the risks that come with cleaning the ducts yourself.

Less Effective Cleaning: We have already mentioned this before but it can’t be stressed enough. While you may succeed in improving the indoor air quality with your DIY efforts, your hard work won’t be half as effective as a professional duct cleaning in Texas. 

You won’t be able to reach every little corner that experts can with their professional equipment.

Duct Damage: If you have flexible (or flex) ducts, you are likely to tear or damage the ducts when doing the cleaning yourself. Flex ducts are made from thin sheets of plastic and are highly susceptible to damage. Even a tiny hole in the ducts can reduce the airflow inside your home, making your HVAC system less effective.  

What To Do If DIY Duct Cleaning In Texas Is Not For You 

duct cleaning in texasIf this sounds like a lot, you’d be better off with hiring a reliable company for duct cleaning in Texas that’s certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). NADCA certification ensures that the company adheres to the highest cleaning standards in the industry. At United Home Services, all of our duct-cleaning technicians are NADCA-certified, and they undergo continuous training to keep their certification. 

Regular duct cleaning by professionals will keep your HVAC system working optimally – and it will reduce the risk of coronavirus thriving in your indoor air. Studies have shown that coronavirus droplets can stay airborne for up to 15 minutes, during which your home’s ductwork can absorb the virus and circulate it throughout the house.

Schedule Your Duct Cleaning in Texas Today

You may not want to risk your health and well-being by cleaning your home’s ducts yourself. If your goal is to improve the air quality in your home, contact us to schedule a duct cleaning so thorough that you will be able to tell the difference in your air quality immediately! Call us at 844-415-1543 or leave us a message online.

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