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Keep Your Home Safe, Keep Your Family Warm: Why Routine Chimney Service is a Must

Like many other spots in your home, your chimney also requires routine maintenance in order to stay in optimal working shape.

Over time, a chimney accumulates a lot of creosote, soot, and other toxic substances. Outside debris and small animals can also enter your chimney as time passes, creating an obstruction. A blocked chimney can cause fumes and carbon monoxide to get trapped inside your house, risking disaster for anyone inside.

If you are worried about the safety of your chimney, consider calling a chimney service Allentown, PA, to remove any dangerous debris buildup from the interior of your chimney. By scheduling regular cleanings for your chimney, you will keep your family and your property safe regardless of the weather outside.

Importance of Regular Chimney Cleaning Allentown, PA

Here are some reasons why getting your chimney serviced on a regular basis is so important:

Remove Soot

When you use your fireplace, ash and smoke are supposed to waft out of your home via the chimney. As months and years pass, this ash and smoke create a thick layer of soot on the inside of the chimney.

Unless you have experience and special cleaning equipment, you can’t clean this soot by yourself. It’s better to schedule chimney service Allentown, PA on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on how much you use the fireplace.

Remove Debris 

During the regular chimney cleaning appointments, the cleaners will also extract any debris like critters, small animals, leaves, etc. from your chimney. If left inside, this debris can clog the chimney, compromising the air quality inside your home.

It is crucial that smoke goes out of the chimney and doesn’t remain inside your home, otherwise it can cause breathing issues for your family.

Remove Creosote

Creosote is a black/dark brown tar-like substance that can accumulate inside your chimney over time. It is formed by wood or charcoal that burns inside the fireplace. Eventually, creosote can totally clog the chimney and stop the smoke from billowing out.

If this happens, the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning increases tenfold. In fact, studies show that creosote is the #1 cause of chimney fires. To protect your family from any creosote-related accidents, schedule a chimney cleaning Allentown, PA, before starting up your fireplace for the season.

Increased Efficiency 

chimney service allentown paA clean chimney is bound to work way better than a dirty one. Unclean chimneys are not able to filter smoke out of the house due to all the debris and creosote buildup. As a result, it will fill your house with smoke and toxic gases instead of warmth from the wood.

Increased Safety

The safety of a chimney completely depends on how clean and well-maintained it is. As time goes by, creosote that’s created from the fire travels through the smoke and gets accumulated on the chimney walls.

This can be extremely dangerous, especially if you use the fireplace on a frequent basis. Creosote is combustible in nature and it can catch fire from the burning embers. The very last thing you want is something that flammable trapped above a fire. In addition, it can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Your Family’s Safety and Comfort is Our Topmost Priority

At United Home Services, we pride ourselves on being the best home service provider in Allentown, Pennsylvania. We have been offering chimney cleaning, repair, and installation services for over 20 years. Call us at 800-399-4248 or write to us online today!

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