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Where Can I Find a Chimney Sweep San Antonio?

Whether you bought a house or stood there while it was built brick-to-brick, it goes without saying that you want what’s best for your home. Part of ensuring the best for your home includes choosing a home service provider who is reliable, skilled, and will work on your home as if it’s their own.  

But there’s more to consider. 

When it comes to hiring a chimney sweep San Antonio company, you also have to think about your family’s safety from the risk of carbon monoxide and flue fires. If you don’t know where or how to start looking for a chimney sweep in San Antonio, you’ve come to the right place! 

Where to Find Chimney Sweep San Antonio Expert? 

There are several ways you can find a home chimney cleaner these days.

  •       Ask your neighbors or nearby-living friends and family for references
  •       Go to Google and type in “chimney sweeper near me” or “chimney sweep San Antonio” 
  •       Go to Angie’s List; it’s an online directory of home improvement services, handymen, and much more.
  •       Go to your local hardware store and ask for recommendations for chimney cleaners 

Once you have shortlisted a couple of chimney cleaners this way, make the final hiring decision based on the following factors:

Are they CSIA certified?

The chimney sweep San Antonio you hire should be certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Not all chimney professionals carry this certification; however, those who have dedicated themselves to proper inspection and cleaning of residential and commercial chimneys are always certified by CSIA.

Have they undergone appropriate training?

When choosing a chimney sweep San Antonio, CSIA training and certification should be non-negotiable. But getting certified once means nothing if the professionals don’t invest in ongoing training and education

Your chimney cleaner should have received proper training because that’s the only way to make sure they are equipped to handle different types of fireplaces and venting systems. And like every other industry, the fireplace and chimney industry is continuously evolving as well. A skilled professional knows this, and never stops acquiring new knowledge.

Do they have liability insurance?

If the chimney company doesn’t have liability insurance or is not willing to show you the relevant documents (to prove they have insurance), that’s a huge red flag. Working on chimneys and fireplaces is a dangerous job. There are too many risks involved; for example, a badly done chimney cleaning can expose you and your family to carbon monoxide poisoning. Or the chimney cleaner can get injured while doing their job.

When a home improvement company has liability insurance, they are essentially saying that they protect their employees as well as customers. This helps you in two ways: a) if the professional gets injured on your property, you’re not liable for it, and b) if the professional does a bad job and damages your property, they will happily pay for it. 

Do they have positive customer reviews or testimonials?

chimney sweep san antonio It is important for you to know what kind of experience other homeowners have had with this chimney sweep San Antonio. Consider checking out their previous customers’ reviews on websites like Google, and Yelp. This will give you an idea about their reputation and quality of work. 

Don’t Take A Risk: Hire CSIA-Certified #1 Chimney Sweep In San Antonio

At United Home Services, our family-owned business has been serving homeowners throughout the nation for over 20 years. All of our chimney inspectors and cleaners are CSIA certified and undergo routine training to stay on top of their game.

Whether you’re looking for someone to install, repair, clean, or replace your chimney and fireplace, we can help. Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee means that we won’t be happy until you are. Call us at 866-836-2341 or leave us a message online to schedule a free chimney inspection today!

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