Identifying Two Parts Of Your Home That May Pose Serious Threats

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Nobody likes to think of their home as a potential health hazard, but when a home is not properly maintained it can turn into just that. Some potential dangers may be out of our control but many other things can be prevented easily enough. Here are some commonly overlooked things in your home that can pose a danger and that you can do something about right now.

The Two Parts Of Your Home That Can Hide Serious Dangers

Your home can be a source of hidden dangers that can threaten your health and safety. In this article, we’ll focus on the two parts of your home that can hide serious dangers and discuss how to identify and address them.

Carbon Monoxide, A Silent Killer

Your fireplace is an amazing perk in the winter, it warms you up and offers a break from the bleak weather outside. Not to mention the crackling sound of the burning logs, the amazing smell of fire burning, and the beauty of the dancing flames which can be mesmerizing. But if it is not properly cleaned it can become a silent killer. If your chimney is obstructed there can be carbon monoxide building up. This is more dangerous than most people realize. Carbon monoxide has no smell and is invisible. This silent killer can be deadly if you do not vent it properly. Thankfully hiring a chimney sweep expert is easy and they can have your chimney cleaned up in a jiffy.  Having a carbon monoxide detector is also a good idea. If you have an obstruction and do not smell it, the detector will. 

Sweep Your Chimney, Prevent A Fire

Chimney cleaning is not only important to prevent carbon monoxide build-up but creosote as well. Over the course of a year or so, your chimney will more than likely build up a lining of creosote. This substance is reminiscent of tar and acts as a solid fuel, making it very dangerous as it can cause a fire when you least expect it. The longer you wait the harder it is to clean it so do not delay. Experts recommend you have your chimney cleaned up at least once a year.

Save Your Respiratory System

Other parts of the house that can pose a health hazard are your uncleaned Air Ducts which may require cleaning. They seem harmless, don’t they? The fact is that the cold air that passes by these airways condenses the humidity in your house into the water which in turn makes mold. Mold can be detrimental to your respiratory system and should be taken very seriously. Some people also experience brain fog, exhaustion, and other complications when exposed to mold. Mold and other allergens are quite easy to prevent however, a good vent cleaning and duct cleaning will take care of that issue.

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