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Dryer Vent

Dryer Vent Inspection, Cleaning & Repair

Your clothes dryer is a fairly simple machine which tumbles fabrics with heated air that causes water to evaporate. This hot, humid air must be vented through a minimum of 4-inch diameter hose, which may be flexible or not and can run 20 or more feet to an outside wall. As the damp air leaves the dryer, it carries lint which can build up inside the vent hose, not just the lint trap. Beyond lint, pesky little creatures and insects can burrow and chew into and through many materials, letting in moisture, scat and nesting materials.

Any restriction in the dryer hose or vent can reduce efficiency and cause the equipment to break down. It also represents a true fire hazard. United Home Services is fully staffed with highly skilled technicians who know all about dryers, hoses and vents and can help you keep everything clean and running at peak performance.