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Home Insulation

Home Insulation

Proper insulation is imperative to your home's energy efficiency, comfort and reasonable heating and cooling costs. Connecting with United Home Services is the best first step in making sure what you have adequate insulation, and it's working as intended -- as a barrier to prevent cold air from infiltrating the home in winter or keeping cool air inside the house in summer.

If you have drafty rooms, cold or hot walls, floors or ceilings, higher than normal energy bills or uneven temperatures in house, you may need additional insulation. United Home Services insulation technicians inspect for loose fibers, even distribution, water damage, mold, fallen sections, air gaps and leaks, insect infestation, and adequate R-value.

New construction does not guarantee adequate insulation, and older homes may not be insulated adequately to maximize on insulation's superior function. In addition to an air barrier, insulation is also great at noise reduction. Let the United Home Services professionals help you determine if your insulation is sufficient. They will explain R-value, different kinds of insulation, potential Energy Star program benefits and what is best for you and your budget.

Call today to schedule an insulation inspection and keep your home and family warm and cool and quiet.