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The 5 Essential Home Services Any Home Needs

Whether you have lived in your house for years or you are moving to a new home, it’s imperative to keep up with regular home maintenance to make sure it stays in good shape.

In this post, you’ll learn about the most important home improvement services (according to every season) you need to keep in mind so you don’t get any expensive surprises when the weather changes. 

Chimney Cleaning and Other Monthly Improvements

It is easy to overlook the following steps, especially if you are constantly juggling between work and family. We recommend scheduling a professional air duct installation or chimney cleaning service to come in and assist you:

  •       Clean out showerheads and faucets to remove mineral deposits
  •       Clean the furnace of dust and debris
  •       Unclog all the drains
  •       Vacuum out heat vents
  •       Check electrical cords for wear
  •       Test carbon monoxide detectors
  •       Clean the garbage disposal
  •       Check that all air vents are unblocked 

Essential Home Services for Fall 

As the weather turns cooler, there are certain things you’d need to do to prepare your home:

  •       Check and clean out the fireplaces
  •       Check out your heating systems
  •       Rake leaves
  •       Power wash
  •       Touch up paint on shutters and other exteriors
  •       Seal any gaps or cracks in your windows; weatherstrip if needed
  •       Remove leaves from the gutters
  •       Repair your driveway or install a new blacktop
  •       Drain and winterize the exterior plumbing
  •       Repair or replace the siding
  •       Drain and store away sprinklers and hoses
  •       Clean the hardwood floors and carpets
  •       Replace batteries in the smoke detectors
  •       Check all the home appliances before the holidays
  •       Check the water heater for any issues or leaks   

Essential Home Services for Winter

No other season impacts your house as much as winter does. Before the snow and freezing temperatures arrive, make sure everything is running as it should. The last thing you want during that time is a leaking pipe or broken heater. 

  •       Check the gutters and roof for any damage
  •       Cover your AC unit
  •       Clean out the pipes, drains, and tubs; winterize them if not already
  •       Check the basement for leaks

Home Services for Spring Season

Spring is a great time to inspect the exterior of your house and check for any damage that might have happened over the winter:

  •       Check out the air duct installation and change the AC filters
  •       Check the roofing for any damaged shingles
  •       Clean out the door and window screens
  •       Refinish the deck
  •       Clean the light fixtures, UV lights installation, and polish the wood furniture
  •       Remove leaves and debris from gutters
  •       Power wash the siding and windows 
  •       Inspect and pump and septic tank
  •       Check the shower, sink, and bath caulking
  •       Replace the batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  •       Schedule a chimney cleaning and check it for any damage
  •       Flush or drain the water heater
  •       Clean out the lint from the dryer vent
  •       Fertilize your backyard/garden

Home Services for Summer 

air duct installationMany homeowners avoid doing any home improvements during the heat of summer and who can blame them! But your home requires special attention in the summer.

Fortunately, you can hire a professional air duct installation company to do all the work for you while you kick back and relax with a cold beer:

  •       Remove lint from dryer vents, and inside and outside of washer hoses
  •       Oil all the door hinges, garage door, garage door opener, and chain
  •       Clean the freezer and refrigerator coils and empty out the drip trays
  •       Clean the filter in your kitchen’s exhaust fan
  •       Check the dishwasher for any leaks
  •       Replace the showerhead washers, and interior and exterior faucets if necessary
  •       Prune the shrubs and trees

#1 Home Services in Pennsylvania and Beyond!

Does all this seem really overwhelming for you to do it yourself? Well, that’s where United Home Services can help you! Some of the above-mentioned tasks can only be performed by certified and experienced specialists.

We have been serving the good folks of Pennsylvania and around the country for over 20 years. Our trusted experts treat every single home as their own so as to provide maximum satisfaction. Call us toll-free at 800-399-4248 or complete or write to us online!

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