5 Benefits Of Getting Your Chimney Cleaned By A Professional

There is nothing like a roaring fireplace to warm you and your home on chilly winter nights. Sadly, some homeowners don’t take care of their chimneys as well as they should. The result is a soot-filled, clogged-up chimney that’s a fire hazard. With winter fast approaching, we believe it is worthwhile to share the wide-ranging benefits of having a clean and well-maintained chimney.

5 Reasons to Hire A Chimney Cleaning Company  

Like other appliances in your home, a fireplace and chimney won’t run efficiently unless you treat them to regular maintenance. Also, a neglected chimney is far more dangerous than, say, a neglected air conditioner.

The majority of fireplace accidents that happen to homeowners can be easily avoided by just scheduling regular chimney sweeps and thorough chimney inspections from an expert. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, chimneys, and fireplaces should be inspected every 12 months. The same goes for cleaning them; once a year is enough.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits you’ll enjoy from a chimney cleaning company:

Reduce The Risk Of Chimney Fires

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, your chimney is bound to accumulate creosote, which is a tar-like, flammable substance. A tiny bit of creosote is enough to start a fire in the chimney.

These creosote-fueled fires not only damage the inside of the chimney but also lead to costly chimney repair. And this is the best-case scenario; the worst-case scenario is when the fire spreads to the entire house!

Chimney Professionals Are Better Equipped

Chimney inspection and cleaning experts already have all the equipment required to perform routine inspection and maintenance. They can check out your chimney’s liner for creosote and soot buildup – something that is highly flammable and can potentially burn down the house.

Also, creosote builds up in stages; it’s easy to clean it up in the early stage. The longer the creosote stays, the harder it will be to remove it. Regular inspection or potential chimney repairs by professionals will keep your home safer.

Regular Inspections Prevent The Risk Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 

seattle chimney cleaningIn addition to being odorless and invisible, carbon monoxide is deadly as well. When your chimney accumulates soot, dirt, dust, twigs, critters, and other debris, it compromises the airflow. And without uninterrupted airflow, the carbon monoxide gas can be pushed back into your home – instead of exiting through the chimney.  

Potential Problems Will Be Caught Early

Chimney cleaning technicians can spot problems – like, inefficient operation, drafting issues, or crumbling mortar – early on. And catching and repairing these issues early means you won’t be surprised with a big repair or replacement bill seemingly out of nowhere. 

A Clean Chimney Creates More Indoor Heat 

The wood in your fireplace that is well maintained, will burn more fully and efficiently when your chimney is clean. A clogged chimney doesn’t supply enough oxygen for the wood to burn thoroughly, and as a result, it reduces the heat of the burn.

Schedule A Same-Day Chimney Cleaning Appointment With UHS

At United Home Services, our chimney cleaning technicians are trained, insured, and dedicated to keeping your fireplaces and chimneys in top shape. If it’s been a while since your last chimney cleaning or your fireplace is not working the way it should give us a call. You can reach us at 866-836-2341 or contact us online.

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