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Why Hire An Expert For Fireplace Or Chimney Cleaning?

Whenever homeowners tune up their houses for the cold weather, there are a lot of things to do to prepare your home. This includes renewing your home’s insulation, getting your furnace up and running, and calling achimney cleaning company near me to ensure you can keep your home comfortable amidst freezing weather.

Here’s the thing about chimneys: a lot of people enjoy using them, but only a rare few want to put any effort into maintaining them. This can be a dangerous situation because neglected chimneys pose a variety of health and safety issues.

This is why we recommend hiring a trusted and reputable fireplace or chimney cleaning company. These professionals can inspect your chimney and hearth, and clean them to make sure everything is working properly and safely. Here are just a few reasons why calling a professional chimney inspection is so important.

Maintainance of Clean Indoor Air Through Chimney Cleaning

When you hire professionals to clean out your chimney, the first thing they do is make sure the smoke is blowing out of your home completely. A chimney that is clogged up with soot, dust, or debris doesn’t filter the smoke out of the house, creating a major breathing hazard. 

Chimney Cleaners Check for Carbon Monoxide Exposure  

Exposure to carbon monoxide kills nearly 430 people each year. It’s important to understand that open fires emit a great amount of this gas, and if your chimney is clogged up, the gas will circulate in your home instead of blowing out.

A professional who provides all chimney services will inspect the chimney and fix any issues that might prevent your chimney from expelling this potentially lethal gas out of your house.

Chimney Cleaners Will Enhance the Life Of Your Chimney 

chimney cleaningA well-maintained chimney can last 20-50 years before it needs to be restored or replaced. And like every other home appliance, the number of years your chimney will last depends on the level of care you bestow upon it.

If you call a fireplace service or a chimney cleaning service each year, as a part of your annual home services checklist, you will increase the lifespan of your chimney and save thousands of dollars in the process.

They Will Reduce The Risk Of Fire-Related Accidents 

The accumulation of dirt, dust, soot, creosote, and other debris inside a neglected chimney is a huge fire hazard. In addition to the risk of carbon monoxide buildup, the soot inside the chimney is highly flammable and the whole thing can catch fire if you’re not careful.

A professional chimney cleaning service will clean your chimney so you and your home stay safe. It is estimated that about 22,000 fire accidents in the US each year occur due to a backup chimney, so this should be taken very seriously.

Call United Home Services For Fireplace Or Chimney Cleaning Today!

At United Home Services, we can help get your home ready for colder weather. For over 20 years, we have been helping homeowners like you get the most out of their chimneys. If you have any questions about our services or you want to schedule a same-day chimney inspection and sweeping, call us at 866-836-2341 or contact us online.

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